APRFront Vision

The following statements were the original “working” statements and “working” list of demands written by APRF when Occupy San Diego held out it’s first camp-out on October 7th at Children’s Park.

Since then, APRFront have been regularly meeting to work towards more long-term goals, sustainable goals which would include creating “vision statements” as opposed to created “demands” in order to create the alternative and make power.

Stay tuned for APRFront’s vision statements, for now you may read the original demands written for Occupy SD’s October 7th action:

The All People’s Revolutionary Front

Joint Statement
The United States has facilitated economic and social exploitation since its inception, built upon the backs of laboring poor and communities of color. Our communities have been in a state of crisis since the founding of this country through the occupation of indigenous land via genocidal practices. Continuing the legacy of radical activism, we, the All People’s Revolutionary Front, have come together to form a coalition of marginalized peoples fighting oppression on multiple levels such as racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, adultism, sizism, ableism, anti-immigrant sentiment, religious intolerance, slavery, trafficking and imperialism.
Our Vision include:
  1. The rectification of the disparity in wages for immigrants, communities of color and women.
  2. An end of police brutality and the criminalization of people of color
  3. The end of the terrorizing of our immigrant communities through the immediate cessation of ICE raids and Operation Secure Communities
  4. The end of foreign policies that further the continued exploitation of third world peoples for the benefit of capitalist and imperialist interest
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